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Website to learn more about the Winnipeg Lawn aeration services we offer.

Canada Yard Pro provides experienced grass aeration services all through the year.

We service all geographic communities of Winnipeg.

Lawn Aeration

A Lawn Aeration device is devised to puncture the turf and pull out small plugs of the lawn out, removing the soil and allowing water and co2 to get to the root system wherein it is wanted. We are asked constantly, "Just how frequently should someone have their yard aeration undertaken?", and the explanation differs. Yards with high traffic from kids or pet dogs playing needs to be done much more often than a yard which has little traffic. Often, it needs to be carried out yearly. A helpful test to establish if your grass needs an aeration or not is to water the grass for approximately five minutes, and quickly inspect to see if there is water either sitting on the top of the soil or if there is water running off your lawn. If either of these comes to be present, your grass is most likely overdue for aeration.

Canada Yard Pro utilizes the most innovative lawn aeration techniques out there to enhance the final results.

Visit the Canada Yard Pro Website to learn more about
the Winnipeg lawn aeration services we offer.

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